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Monster Bond Powdered Urea Resin Glue (5 lb. Container)

Monster Bond Powdered Urea Resin Glue
Price: $32.50
Item Number: MBG-URG
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Monster Bond Powdered Urea Resin Glue
Excellent for solid wood gluing, laminating veneer and vacuum veneering applications. Can be used for hot pressing cold pressing, vacuum bagged or radio frequency (RF) cured.  Provides a very strong, rigid glue line, is Type II water resistant and has excellent heat resistance. 

Compare to: DAP Weldwood, Unibond 800

bullet Rigid Glue Line
bullet Long storage life, long open time
bullet  Type II Water resistance
UR Powder
Color: Light Tan
Freeze Thaw Stable: YES
Min Use Temperature: 70°F
Shelf Life: 12 Months
Solids (~): 62%
Specific Gravity (~): N/A
Viscosity: 1600-2700

Long storage life, long open time, simplified mixing, high water resistance; meets Hardwood Plywood Type II, rigid glue line with no spring back, reduced Bleed through on veneers. Cures from 70° upward. Does not load sandpaper.

Excellent general-purpose wood adhesive for solid wood gluing and veneering. Good for applications requiring unquestioned Type II moisture resistance. Best choice for low/moderate volume veneering and curved millwork. Can be cold pressed, hot pressed and cured by RF.

Storage- Closed container in cool, dry place for one year
Stock- Use freshly machined stock with 6-8% moisture content

Formula and Mixing-
Powder 100 parts by weight
Water 50-65 parts by weight
Pour 2/3 water in mixer
Add all powder, mix until lump free (3-5 minutes)
Add balance of water, mix until smooth

Spread Rates-
Apply enough to provide a thin uniform bead of squeeze-out when under pressure.
Veneering: 35-45 lbs/MSGL*
Edge gluing: 40-50 lbs/MSGL *MSGL-- thousand square feet single glue
Assembly Time- Max. 40 minutes @ 70°F. Depends on temp., moisture content, porosity and spread.
Pressing/Clamping- From 75 psi to 200 psi depending on density and stock condition.
Press/Clamp time- 4-6 hours @ 70°F; 2-4 hours @ 90°F
Hot pressing- call for technical advice
Allow stock to post cure for 24 hours before machining

Clean Up and Storage:
With warm water while glue is wet. Store in cool, dry place in original, sealed container

Product Sheet
Guide to using Powdered Resin Glue
MSDS available upon request
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