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Professional VacuPress® Pump (6cfm)

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Flat veneered panels, curved doors, arched jams, shaped parts, cylinders, spiral staircases. When it comes to veneering and forming no other method is as versatile as a bag system. When the pressing process is finished, simply roll up the bag and put the VacuPress away. Designed for easy, compact storage the bag system is a must for the space conscious shop.

Curved Work -- Inside & Outside Techniques
Once you have used the VacuPress you will agree that there never really was a practical way to veneer curved shapes. Gone are the frustrating hours of trying to perfectly mate male and female forms, and striving to wrap shaped pieces with veneer. For curved work the VacuPress bag system is used in two ways. With the "inner technique" the form and laminations are slid into the bag. (See illustration.)


Outside bag technique: VacuPress With the "outside technique" only the laminations are placed inside the bag. The form stays outside (See illustration, left).This second technique is commonly used when the form is too large to go inside the bag without difficulty. Instead, the craftsman brings the laminations to the shape of the form. The VacuPress clamps all the laminations to each other, eliminating all but a few clamps.

Vacuum Pressing Systems



"...The number one choice of woodworkers everywhere."

Since its introduction as the first practical vacuum veneer press, woodworkers have praised this original VacuPress model as a reliable performer. Today, the Professional Vacupress® Pump is still the number one choice of woodworkers everywhere.

An excellent entry-level VacuPress®, as well as a dependable choice for the woodworking professional, the Professional VacuPress® Pump handles the full range of veneering and laminating tasks with ease. Designed and thoroughly engineered to be a maintenance-free performer, the nucleus of the Professional VaucPress® Pump is a 1/3 HP 6 cfm dual chamber rocking piston pump chosen for its industry proven performance.

The Professional Vacupress® Pump vacuum is controlled by a state of the art, precision, “repeatably accurate”, digital vacuum switch for maintaining consistent vacuum levels. Easy to read, easy to adjust, our digital switch allows you to set both the vacuum pumps shut off and turn on points, independently from each other, providing infinite adjustability. This allows variable vacuum settings necessary for the various pressure needs of high elevation woodworking shops, curved woodwork work, and different types of veneer and laminating adhesive.

It also features a dual power switch for both vacuum pressing and vacuum clamping. In the press mode, the vacuum switch will automatically shut the pump off when the proper vacuum level is reached. In the clamp mode the pump operates continuously as a shortcycle hold down clamp for wooden parts.

The Professional Vacupress® Pump model can operate up to three
bags with the addition of our manifold adapter.
Professional Vacupress® Pump Features:

Pump Features:

  • 1/3 HP two chamber rocking piston oil-less vacuum pump with thermal overload protection
  • Aluminum alloy vacuum chamber, prevents internal corrosion
  • 6 cfm vacuum rate for short evacuation time
  • Maximum vacuum 27" HG / automatic shutoff at 25" HG (1774 lbs. per sq. foot)
  • Easy access, see through filter jar for dust removal
  • Quick disconnect between pump and bag
  • Precision digital vacuum switch with LED display. Easy to set turn on and turn off points
  • Vacuum gauge and lighted on/off switch for monitoring vacuum process
  • Dual power switch for both vacuum pressing and vacuum clamping
  • Pump dimensions:9 1/2" W x 9 1/2" H x 22" L
  • Weighs 40 pounds
  • Operators manual with complete instructions on pressing

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