Estate Dryer Not Heating (Quick Fix)

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How to fix a broken heater element in an electric dryer?

Estate Dryer Not Heating – As we know that an electric dryer is a very common appliance in our home and it is a wonderful machine, but sometimes it can cause some trouble to the users and the main issue is the heating element.

You can get a new dryer because it is not a costly thing but the other option is that you can repair the heating element of the dryer.

You need to buy a new element because there are no replacement parts available for the old dryer, but you can repair the dryer with some easy steps.

First, you need to open up the dryer and remove the front panel, this is the most important part because it has the wiring and heating element.

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Then, you need to find a new element for the dryer and it can be easily found at the local stores. Now, place the new element in the correct position and tighten the screws properly.

Now, you need to connect the wires in the right order and attach the wire harness to the dryer. Connect the wire harness to the dryer, it is necessary to have the proper plug.

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The next step is to replace the door panel and close the dryer. Finally, start the dryer and check whether the dryer is heating or not. If it is heating, then you need to make sure that the dryer is not overheating.


In this article, I have shared with you the way to repair a broken heating element in an electric dryer.

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If you are facing this problem and don’t know how to fix it, then you need to contact the experts. They will surely solve your problem.

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