Frigidaire Upright Freezer Not Freezing

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Fix Frigidaire upright freezer not freezing

We know that our fridges are very important in our home because they keep our food fresh and healthy. They are the best way to keep food fresh. But a fridige freezer is a very expensive appliance which needs regular maintenance and repairs.

Sometimes it will not be frozen for a long time and you can see the ice cubes are not working. If this is the case then you need to fix your freezer immediately. If you don’t repair your freezer then the ice cubes will become weak and it will not be usable.

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Here is the list of tips that will help you to fix Frigidaire upright freezer not freezing.

1. Check the temperature of your fridge

You should check the temperature of your fridge. The temperature of the fridge should be around 0 degrees. If the temperature is low then it will be difficult for the fridge to keep the food fresh.

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2. Check the temperature of the compressor

The compressor should be cold. If it is not cold then it will not work properly.

3. Clean the coils

If the coils are dirty then it will not be able to transfer heat into the fridge. It will get warmer and warmer.

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4. Replace the condenser fan

The condenser fan is responsible for transferring heat from the air into the compressor. If it stops working then the freezer will get warm and it will not work properly.

5. Change the thermostat

The thermostat is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the fridge. If it is not working properly then the temperature of the fridge will be higher than the required temperature.

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I hope you found this post useful. It is the first thing that will help you to fix your freezer. If it is not working then I suggest you to take the help of the experts and they will give you a free quotation.

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