GE Glass Top Stove Burner Not Working

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5 Ways to Fix GE Glass Top Stove Burner Not Working

The GE Stove Top Glass Burners are one of the most important part of your kitchen. There are many issues that can occur while using the GE stove top. Most of the time, the user will face problems related to the burner which is not working properly.

So, to fix the burner issue, here are some ways that you can do:

1. Clean the glass surface

If the glass surface of the burner is dirty then you need to clean it with a cotton ball dipped in warm water. After cleaning the glass surface, you need to wipe it with a wet cloth to make it shine.

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2. Clean the glass

If the glass is not cleaned properly then you need to use glass cleaner to clean the surface. Use a soft and damp cloth to wipe the glass surface.

3. Use the right temperature

You should never burn food using high temperature. The high temperature will reduce the nutrients of the food and the taste will also change.

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4. Change the settings

The settings of the burner will change as per the type of the food. You need to keep a check on the setting and switch it as per the requirement.

5. Check the faucet

You will get the burning smell if there is a blockage in the faucet. In that case, you need to remove the faucet and clean it.

If 5 Tips Above Does Not Work, You Can Try Tips Below

1. First check that the burners are not blocked by food debris. Remove any food scraps from around the burners. Blocked burners can cause hot spots and overheating of the oven.

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2. If the burners are clogged, clean them out with a stiff wire brush. Don’t use a metal brush, as it may scratch the oven.

3. If the burners are clogged, try using an oven cleaner spray to clear the burners. Be careful not to spray the inside of the oven too much.

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4. Check the gas valve. Is it closed? Is it leaking gas? Try turning the valve back to the “off” position.

5. If the burner is still not working, replace the entire oven.


To fix the burner issue, you need to follow these simple steps. Follow these tips and you will never face the problem again. If you face any problem then you can contact us at our customer care service and our representative will guide you as per the situation.

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