GE Oven Broiler Comes on When Baking

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What is a GE oven broiler?

A GE oven broiler is a device on the bottom of a stove that cooks food from below. It will sometimes turn on when baking and can be turned off by turning it to “Off.” This action will prevent the broiler from continuing to heat as the oven heats up.It is best to wait for the broiler to stop heating before removing any food from the oven because this will avoid added time that could cause burning.

What can cause the GE oven broiler to come on while baking?

In recent years, more and more people are purchasing online in order to save money. One of the most popular brands in the baking industry is GE ovens. GE ovens can be found all across the country, but some people may not know how to repair their GE oven broiler if it comes on while they are baking. A GE oven broiler will come on when you bake if one of two problems is occurring. The first problem is overheating during cooking and the second is an internal malfunction within the unit itself.

How can you prevent the GE oven broiler from coming on while baking?

If you are the owner of GE ovens that have come with a broiler feature, then you know that they can be quite inconvenient to use. It’s not uncommon to find the broiler coming on while baking in the oven, leaving an ugly mess.

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Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to prevent this from happening.

How to fix GE oven broiler comes on when baking

You’ll want to remove the upper heating element by sliding it out of its place and lifting it up. Then, slide the bottom door down so it can be removed from its track. After that, check underneath the oven for any damaged parts or cracks and fix them immediately.

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If your GE oven has a window, take a look at it to see if anything needs to be replaced. Once everything looks good, replace the lower heating element and put everything back together correctly. Finally, test the oven by placing something into the oven that you know shouldn’t burn immediately after you’ve finished putting things away.

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In conclusion, the problem with the oven broiler is that it has been inadvertently turned on. Turn off the oven and make sure it is in the off position before baking anything.

If the GE oven’s broiler comes on when baking, please make sure to turn it off before continuing any cooking endeavors.

Be mindful of the GE oven’s timer settings during periods of use, and remember to always have a pot holder ready for any sudden spills.

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