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What you should know about the Kenmore Elite Dryer heating element

Kenmore Elite Dryer is one of the most reliable and durable brands on the market. It’s unfortunate that they just recently changed their heating element which means you can no longer replace it with a generic heating element. A faulty heating element will limit your options to replace it with a Kenmore Elite Dryer compatible part.

To make matters worse, any damage caused by replacing the heating element is not covered under warranty (and neither are all of those little things that happen in life).

What to look for in a heating element: specifications, cost, etc.

As the weather starts to get colder, there is nothing worse than coming home and seeing your clothes sitting in a pile on the floor with dryer sheets and fabric softener all over them. So what exactly does one need to know when looking for a heating element? All of this information can be found on your appliance’s original documentation.

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One needs to know the size of the heating element and how many amps it draws. Knowing these two things allows a person to determine whether or not they need a larger element or if they can simply switch out an old element for a new one.

If you’re still unsure as to how much current each element requires, then it might be best to contact your manufacturer.

How to replace Heating Element For Kenmore Elite Dryer

Watch this 5 minutes video tutorial.

What the benefits are of having a kenmore elite dryer heating element?

Many homeowners have purchased a Kenmore Elite dryer and are now faced with the daunting task of replacing their heating element. The following paragraphs will break down what to look for when buying a replacement for this exact model of dryer.

First up is price. If you’ve shopped around at multiple stores and prices vary greatly from store to store, then you should definitely shop online. Many websites offer free shipping. This also applies to ordering parts for other appliances.

For example, I recently ordered a replacement door latch assembly from BobVila.com because it was cheaper than anywhere else and the shipping was free. How do I know? Because the website told me so! Going through this process once shouldn’t cost more than $10-$15.

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Second up is your dryer model Next thing to consider is warranties. Some sites require that you purchase additional insurance. However, most manufacturers warranty their products against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year.

Thirdly, read reviews for the specific part you wish to replace. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many reviews on the specific heating elements used in these units. There are however plenty of reviews for dryers. You can always go by my rule: “The higher the number/speed rating, the better the unit”.

The best place to buy a heating element for Kenmore Elite dryer

The perfect place to buy a new heating element for your Kenmore Elite dryer is online. It is important to know the model number of your dryer before purchasing a replacement heating element.

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To find out what you need, visit the Sears parts department website and type in the model number of the dryer. The website will display all the different parts that are compatible with your particular machine.


The conclusion to any repair, or in this case, replacing the heating element for a Kenmore Elite Dryer, is always to make sure that you have everything you need before taking it apart. On the back of the dryer, there are two screws. Remove them and proceed to pull out the rear panel. Here you will find another set of screws on the top left and right side. Take them off and unplug the heating element cord.

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