How Do I Reset My LENNOX Thermostat?

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How Do I Reset My Lennox Thermostat?

What is Thermostat?

Thermostat is a device that regulates the temperature in a building or room. It is used to maintain the desired temperature by turning on the air conditioner when the room reaches a certain number, and turning it off when the room reaches another number.

Your home is the most important place in your life, but it is not comfortable if it has issues like broken thermostat or heating system. This is the main reason why we should use the best way to get the service done. If you are also looking for a good service provider then you have come to the right place.

How do I reset my Lennox thermostat?

The following steps will help you to reset your thermostat and it will also tell you how to reset your thermostat. So, let’s go through the steps and you can see the procedure on your own.

Get an Accessory kit

The first step is to get an accessory kit which contains a thermometer and a thermostat. Make sure that you get a thermostat which has a manual reset button.

Make sure that you take the thermostat out of the box, and then make sure to clean the cover. You can also use an anti-bacterial soap to clean the cover of the thermostat.

Start using the thermostat

You need to connect the thermostat with your home heating system, so use the cable that came with the thermostat. Now start using the thermostat and turn it on for 10 minutes and then turn it off.

Press the reset button on the thermostat and turn it on for 10 minutes and then turn it off. You will find that the thermostat will turn on by itself.

In case you still cannot reset the thermostat, then you need to call the service provider and they will help you.


So, these were the steps that you should follow to reset your thermostat. If you are facing any kind of issues like this then you need to contact the service provider as soon as possible.

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