How Do I Use The Self Clean Feature On My Kenmore Oven

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Eliminate the Dreaded Oven Cleaning with a Kenmore Self-Clean Cycle

How Do I Use The Self Clean Feature On My Kenmore Oven

For many people, cleaning the oven is one of the least favorite household chores. If you own a Kenmore oven, you can use the self-clean feature to make the job easier. The self-clean cycle heats up the oven to a high temperature to burn off grease, spills, and food particles. Here?s how you can use the self-clean feature on your Kenmore oven.

Before you start the self-clean cycle, you should remove all racks, pans, and accessories from the oven. Wipe off any loose debris or food particles with a damp cloth. Make sure the oven is completely clear before you start the self-clean cycle.

Next, you should consult your owner?s manual to determine the correct settings for the self-clean cycle. Many Kenmore ovens have a ?self-clean? button on the control panel. When you press this button, the oven will automatically adjust the temperature and duration of the cycle.

Once you have chosen the correct settings, you should press the ?start? button on the control panel. The oven will heat up to a high temperature and remain at this temperature for several hours. During this time, it is important to keep the oven door closed. The door should not be opened until the self-clean cycle has finished.

When the self-clean cycle has finished, the oven control panel will display a message that the cycle has ended. At this point, you should open the oven door and allow the oven to cool down. Once the oven has cooled, you can wipe out any remaining debris or dirt with a damp cloth.

Using the self-clean feature on your Kenmore oven can make cleaning much easier. It is important to read your owner?s manual carefully before you start the cycle to make sure you use the correct settings. Following these instructions can help you take advantage of all the features your Kenmore oven has to offer.

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