How Do You Protect Wooden Furniture Outside?

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How Do You Protect Wooden Furniture Outside?

Garden furniture makes your outdoor space appear welcoming and pleasant. Because of the seasonal rain, wooden chairs and coffee tables on the patio only look impressive for a limited period. So, learn how to protect outdoor wooden furniture so that it can withstand harsh weather.

Tips on How to Protect Wooden Furniture Outside

Preparation includes knowing your outdoor furniture’s components, including its type of wood, the way it is finished, and the way it is built.

What type of wood is it made of?

Wood’s natural properties cause it prone to wear and tear. Furniture that is produced from treated lumber is important. Also, there are various types of wood which are more sturdy. Redwood, cedar, and teak are common building materials.

How is your furniture held together?

Your chair is held together with glue, or, if you prefer, stitches.

When exposed to heat or moisture, glues used to join pieces lose their strength. Waterproof glue is essential for ensuring that your outdoor tables and chairs lasts all year round.

How is your furniture built?

Outdoor-friendly furniture is built to last, while indoor holds up for a short period. Therefore, it is important to check if your chair or table is made for outdoors or not.

Four Essential Steps on How to Protect Wooden Furniture Outside:

1. Use paint to protect it.

When applying a coat of paint, it helps to preserve the wood. Oil-based paint flakes off, while latex paint is more stable. But be aware, painting can change the look of your pieces.

2. Make it waterproof using sealer.

To defend it from rotting from moisture and water stains, water sealers are your best choice. To maintain your chair last longer, use Sealing to keep it from the deterioration caused by rain and weather. Sealing also lessens splitting, swelling, and discoloration.

Certain oils and finishes may help seal a waterproof wood product. To waterproof wood, wood stain and sealant can be used in combination. We may also use linseed oil or Tung oil. Those tables and chairs also comes to look buffed because of these oils. Any of these three sealants may seal the wood: varnish, lacquer, or polyurethane.

3. Apply a layer of varnish to the surface.

A better alternative to painting or sealing the wood is using varnish. Paint, however, only alters the surface; varnish ensures your wooden surface keeps its natural appearance. It is best to search for a varnish for the outdoors. However, to make the most of its protective features, varnish must be reapplied.

4. Depending on the weather, choose the best location.

Keep your tables and chairs away from harsh elements, like the elements during winter. Your chair should be stored in your garage because it is a safe place. Covering your furniture is another good idea when you are not using it. Take advantage of the nice weather by selecting a location where your pieces can still be shaded in the outdoors and away from excessive sunlight and rain. Having a roof over your outdoor equipment is also beneficial.

Suggestions on how to keep furniture outside protected

Regular maintenance is also important for the well-being of outdoor furnishings. Here are a few points to check in mind:

  1. To keep your tables and chairs looking good, you need to clean it frequently. Those must be cleaned regularly to combat the buildup of dirt and mold. Wood soap, purchased from your local hardware shop, is perfect for cleaning.
  2. Use lemon oil on it once a month. Lemon oil is recognized for its moisturizing properties on wood. Dry wood has a tendency to split and crack. Soak a towel in lemon oil and rub it together with your wooden pieces. Keep your cushions and pillows away from the lemon oil when doing this, otherwise stains may result. When applying the oil, it is preferable to be in the shade in order to make a lengthy shine.
  3. After cleaning, put those in the shade. Keep your pieces free from harsh factors, which help to increase the efficacy of your cleaning products and moisturizing treatments. Wait at least an hour in a cool area before bringing it out again.

Wood furniture products you can use

For most finishes and effects, use the right wood product. This advice will help you:

For better sun protection and to block off UV rays, paint is ideal. In intense sun, a transparent varnish may produce better results than a fresh coat of paint. However, if you use paint, you may lose the original wood appeal.

Be aware when you decide to repaint, you’ll need to sand down the surface in order to remove the wood. You can use chemical wood strippers if necessary. In order for your primer to stay attached to the surface of the wood, performing this step will help.

There is one more thing to consider. If the heat from the sun is not your biggest enemy, use a wood-colored varnish that does not dull the luster. Consider finding varnish with UV-shielding capabilities.


The pleasure of having a well-maintained, beautiful outdoor is quite rewarding. That furniture assortment comprising benches and coffee tables is a nice fit for your outdoor setting. It is possible that over time, these furnishings will lose their beauty and luster. To protect it, a carefully calculated blend of products, a good maintenance routine, and practice are required. Pieces of furniture do not always look best as they age, but we can make it continues to have a glow even after that.

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