How Long Does it Take A Mini Fridge To Defrost?

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Mini fridge is the best option for those who are not comfortable with the larger size of refrigerator. It is compact and easy to store items, so it is a good idea for storing food items, especially those who like to eat out frequently.

There are two kinds of mini fridges – the standard and the portable ones. We will discuss the differences in this article.

Standard mini fridge

The standard mini fridge is a bit bigger than the portable one and comes with a few extra features like air vents, freezer compartment, ice maker etc. It is a bit more expensive than the portable one and usually comes with an additional price tag of $100-$200. So, if you don’t have that much money then go for the portable mini fridge.

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Portable mini fridge

The portable mini fridge is the smaller version of the standard one. It has fewer features, but it is still a great option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a fridge. It is usually priced under $50, but there are some models which cost even less.

In both cases, the temperature of the refrigerator depends on the brand. I have personally tried the Frigidaire mini fridge and it is a great choice. It has all the basic features like adjustable temperature, ice maker, crisper drawer etc. I have also tried the Whirlpool mini fridge and I can say that it is a very good option. Both these mini fridges have enough space and they can store up to 5 to 6 bottles of water.

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How long does it take a mini fridge to defrost?

Mini fridges don’t take much time to defrost. The normal fridges need about 24-48 hours of defrosting, but the mini ones don’t have any issues. In fact, you can defrost mini fridge in 1 hour by following tips below.

But, they usually have a timer which will tell you when the fridge needs to be defrosted. If you want to use the mini fridge as an additional one for the larger one, then make sure to keep it in a cool and dry place.

How to Defrost a Mini Fridge Quickly

  • Turn off the mini fridge.
  • Remove all food from the mini fridge/freezer and place in a cooler with a lid. If you don’t have a cooler, dump everything into a bathtub.
  • Leave your mini-fridge doors open for 60 minutes. Place a cloth on the floor in front of the open freezer door to catch any defrosting ice that may fall out.
  • Return to your fridge after 60 minutes to see the ice melting. Then carefully (I emphasized softly!) peel away the ice.
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Don’t try to wedge the ice out with a screwdriver. This might damage the appliance’s sides, making you unhappy! If the ice needs “coaxing”, use a rubber spatula.

  • If the ice is stubborn, gently remove it using a warm moist towel. Defrosting your tiny fridge every 3-6 months makes ice easy.
  • Finally, dry the sides and back. In other words, eliminate all moisture. This will assist prevent ice build up in the tiny fridge.
  • Then re-plug the refrigerator and refill it with food and liquids.


I hope this article will help you to know more about the different types of mini fridges. So, go ahead and buy a mini fridge which will help you to store your items easily.

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