How to Adjust Steering on John Deere Zero Turn Mower

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How to Adjust Steering on John Deere Zero Turn Mower

Adjusting the steering on your John Deere zero turn mower is one of the best tips for mowing your lawn in an easy way. By adjusting the steering you can easily make it move as per your desired direction, while mowing your lawn.

The steering adjustment is not an automatic device, so, it requires a little adjustment and practice to make it work properly.

So, let’s see the best tips how to do it.


The steering wheel is adjustable. The steering wheel needs to be set in the middle position. If you want to adjust the steering wheel then you need to rotate it clockwise or anticlockwise. It will take some time to get used to it and to find out how to adjust it.

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If you feel that the steering wheel is too far from your hand or it is too small for your hand, then you can use your other hand to turn it. For this, you need to place your thumb on the front side of the steering wheel and your other hand should be on the backside. You can use your fingers to turn it.

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The best way to control

You can make the steering wheel work better by holding it with both your hands. Your right hand should be placed on the left side of the steering wheel and your left hand should be on the right side.

Tutorial on How to Adjust Steering on John Deere Zero Turn Mower

1. First, make sure the mower is turned off.

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2. Unplug the negative battery cable from the battery.

3. Loosen the nuts that hold the two steering knobs together and then remove them.

4. Put your hand on one of the knobs and turn it counter-clockwise until it stops moving.

5. While holding the knob in this position, move the other knob clockwise until it stops. The combination of these two movements should cause the mower to straighten out. If it’s not working correctly, retry steps 3 through

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6. Reattach the knobs to the steering column and tighten the nuts.

7. Turn the ignition key to the “on” position and then start the engine. If everything is ok, the mower should now operate normally. If the mower still does not operate correctly, you may need to have a service technician look at it.


So, this is the most important step when it comes to adjusting the steering on a John Deere zero turn mower. After doing all these steps, you will easily get used to it and will be able to mow your lawn in a comfortable way.

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