How To Change Evaporator Fan Motor Frigidaire

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Replace the Evaporator Fan Motor in Your Frigidaire Refrigerator: A Step-by-Step Guide

The evaporator fan motor in your Frigidaire refrigerator is one of the most important components in keeping your food and drinks cold. Without it, your refrigerator will not be able to cool properly, and your food and drinks may spoil. Fortunately, if the evaporator fan motor ever needs to be replaced, there is a fairly easy process that can be followed in order to do so.

The first step in replacing your Frigidaire refrigerator’s evaporator fan motor is to unplug the refrigerator from the wall. This will eliminate any potential hazards from occurring while you are working on the refrigerator. Next, you will need to remove the rear panel from the refrigerator by loosening the screws located at the back. Once the screws have been removed, you can carefully lift the rear panel off to gain access to the evaporator fan motor.

Once you have access to the fan motor, you can begin removing it. First, disconnect the wires that are connected to the motor. Then, you will need to unscrew the mounting screws that are holding the fan motor in place. Once the screws have been removed, you can carefully pull the fan motor out of the refrigerator.

Once the old fan motor has been removed, you will need to install the new fan motor. Start by feeding the new fan motor’s wires through the back of the refrigerator and connecting them to the existing wiring harness. Then, you will need to secure the new fan motor into place with the mounting screws. Make sure that the fan motor is secured firmly before moving onto the next step.

The last step in replacing the fan motor is to test the new motor to make sure it is working properly. To do this, you will need to plug the refrigerator back into the wall and turn it on. Once the refrigerator is running, you should be able to hear the fan motor spinning. If you hear the fan motor spinning, your new fan motor has been installed correctly and is working properly.

Changing the evaporator fan motor in your Frigidaire refrigerator is not a complicated process, but it does require some basic knowledge of electrical wiring and tools. If you do not feel comfortable attempting this task on your own, it is best to seek the help of a professional. However, if you are confident in your abilities, then you should have no problem replacing the fan motor yourself.