How To Clean Lg Oven Self Clean

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Effortless Cleaning: A Guide to Cleaning Your LG Self-Cleaning Oven


Cleaning an LG self-cleaning oven is an easy process that doesn’t require much effort. Self-cleaning ovens use high temperatures to burn off dirt, grease, and other debris, eliminating the need for scrubbing with harsh chemicals. With just a few basic steps, you can keep your LG oven looking like new.

First, you’ll want to remove any removable parts such as oven racks, thermometers, and the bottom tray. These can be washed in the sink with mild soap and warm water. Once they’re dry, they can be put back in the oven.

Next, you’ll want to wipe down the interior of the oven with a damp cloth. This will help remove any dirt and grease that has built up over time. Make sure to get into all the corners and crevices. You can use a mild detergent on this cloth if necessary.

Once the interior is clean, it’s time to set the oven for the self-cleaning cycle. Most LG ovens have a “Self-Cleaning” button that you can press to start the cycle. The oven will heat up to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit and will stay at that temperature for around two hours. During this time, all the dirt and grease inside the oven will be burned off and the oven will be left spotless.

When the cycle is finished, let the oven cool down before opening the door. Then, you can remove any ash that may have been left behind with a damp cloth. Make sure to get into all the corners and crevices to make sure there isn’t any residue left.

Finally, put the removable parts back in the oven and you’re all done.

Cleaning an LG self-cleaning oven is a simple process that doesn’t take much time or effort. All you need is a few basic supplies and you can keep your oven looking like new. With regular cleaning, your oven will stay spotless and you won’t have to worry about scrubbing with harsh chemicals.