How To Clean Whirlpool Ice Dispenser?

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How To Clean Whirlpool Ice Dispenser

Whirlpool ice dispensers are the best machines that are available in the market today. They are the best machines that will help you to get the best of your life. They are simple and easy to use but you need to know the proper way of using them.

Some of the common mistakes done by the people are not to clean the ice dispenser properly. In this article, I will tell you the proper way of cleaning the ice dispenser and how to clean it in the simplest way.

Steps to clean whirlpool ice dispenser:

First of all, you need to check the presence of the filter and the ice maker. If you are not getting any filter or the ice maker is not working then you need to get it repaired.

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Remove the water line cover, and you need to disconnect the water supply and the electrical connection.

Then, you need to remove the rubber gasket that is covering the water inlet.

Take a spray bottle and start spraying the dispenser with water. Make sure you spray the inside of the dispenser, not the outside.

Now, start spraying the filter. You will see that it will start dripping water, that’s the indication that the filter is clean.

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After that, start cleaning the ice dispenser. You need to first remove the ice bin.

Remove the screws that are holding the ice bin in place and take it off.

Take a wire brush and start cleaning the ice bin. You need to make sure that the ice bin is free from dust.

Then, you need to replace the bin and place it back in the ice dispenser.

Now, you need to clean the ice maker. Take a brush and start cleaning it. Use warm water only for that purpose.

Remove the rubber gasket and then start spraying water.

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Then, you need to start cleaning the parts of the ice maker. The parts that will come in contact with the ice.

Finally, replace the gasket and the water supply line.


I hope this article will help you to know the proper way of cleaning the ice dispenser.


Can I use dish soap to clean my whirlpool ice dispenser?

Yes, you can use dish soap to clean your whirlpool ice dispenser. You can also use vinegar.

What should I do if the dispenser gets dirty?

First, turn off the machine. Next, remove the cover and wash the dispenser with a sponge. Use a soft-bristled brush and rinse the dispenser thoroughly. Wipe it down with a towel.

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How often should I clean the dispenser?

Clean the dispenser every day.

Can I use my hand to clean the dispenser?

Yes, you can use your hand to clean the dispenser. You don’t want to use your fingers, though, because you could hurt yourself.

What if I don’t have a sponge?

You can use a paper towel to clean the dispenser.

What about if I don’t have a towel?

You can use your hand. Just make sure to wash it afterward.

What if the dispenser isn’t working?

If the dispenser isn’t working, check the filter. If the filter is clogged, you will need to replace it.

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