How To Convert Frigidaire Gas Range To Propane

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Making the Switch: How to Convert Your Frigidaire Gas Range to Run on Propane

How To Convert Frigidaire Gas Range To Propane

Gas ranges are great tools for creating delicious meals, but many modern gas ranges require the use of propane gas. This can be a problem if you have a Frigidaire gas range that runs on natural gas. Fortunately, converting your Frigidaire gas range to run on propane is a fairly simple and straightforward process. With a few tools and supplies, you can have your Frigidaire gas range running on propane in no time.

Before you begin, it?s important to understand the differences between natural gas and propane. Natural gas is composed of mostly methane and is supplied to homes through pipes. Propane is composed of a mixture of hydrocarbons and is stored in tanks that need to be refilled. Propane has a higher energy content than natural gas, meaning it burns hotter and faster.

The first step in converting your Frigidaire gas range to run on propane is to purchase a conversion kit from your local appliance store or online retailer. This kit will include a new propane orifice, an adapter for the gas line, and a conversion label. Once you have the kit, it?s time to begin the conversion process.

Start by turning off the gas supply to the range. You should do this at the main gas line coming into the house.

Next, locate the natural gas orifice in the range and unscrew it. Remove the old orifice and replace it with the new propane orifice included in the conversion kit. Make sure the new orifice is securely fastened.

Once the new orifice is in place, attach the adapter to the gas line. This will allow the range to accept propane gas. Finally, attach the conversion label to the range. This will ensure that the range is properly labeled for propane use.

Once the conversion is complete, turn the gas supply back on and light the range according to the manufacturer?s instructions. If the range does not light, double-check that the orifice is securely fastened and that the adapter is properly attached to the gas line.

By following these steps, you can easily convert your Frigidaire gas range to run on propane. While the process may take some time, it?s important to make sure it?s done properly so that you can use your range safely. With the right tools and supplies, you?ll be able to enjoy the convenience and flavor of cooking with propane in no time.

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