How to Fix a Dryer Timer?

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How to Fix a Dryer Timer

A dryer timer is a device which is used for the maintenance of your clothes in the dryer. It is a very important part of your dryer because it will help to regulate the drying process. There are several models of dryer timers available in the market. But most of them are quite expensive and they cost around $50 or $100.

Now, I am going to share with you an easy method to repair a dryer timer. So, let’s start repairing your dryer timer.

What to do:

First of all, you need to take the dryer out from the wall. After that, you need to take the timer unit apart and clean it up. You need to remove all the dust or dirt that is accumulated in the circuit board. If you find any crack or damage in the circuit board then don’t worry about it; just replace it.

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Then, you need to solder the wire. If the wire is loose then you can easily solder it. Just make sure that the wire is not loose and is connected with the other parts properly.

You need to remove the cover of the timer unit and install the new one. Before installing the timer unit, you need to ensure that there is no damage on the wires or the circuit board.

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Now, connect the timer unit and make sure that the voltage is okay.


I hope this method will help you to repair your dryer timer. If you have any question regarding this post then comment down below.


What’s the difference between a dryer timer and a clothes dryer?

A dryer timer is an electronic device that turns the dryer on and off at a specific time. A dryer is a machine that dries your clothes.

Where can I find a dryer timer?

You can find a dryer timer at any appliance store.

How do I set up a dryer timer?

First, turn the power off and unplug the dryer. Then, remove the dryer from the wall. Next, remove the cover and open the door. Then, take the dryer timer out of the box. Place the timer on the back of the dryer and plug it in.

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Why do I need a dryer timer?

Without a dryer timer, your dryer will run for a long time before it gets dry. This can cost you money because you’ll be using more energy. A dryer timer saves you money by letting you know when it’s time to stop drying.

What can happen if I don’t set up a dryer timer?

If you don’t set up a dryer timer, you could have a fire. Also, you could leave the dryer on for too long, which can damage the dryer.

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How do I know if the dryer is working properly?

Check the dial on the dryer. It should be set to a time that corresponds to the number of minutes that you want the dryer to run. If the dial is not set to a specific time, then the dryer isn’t working properly.

How do I know if my dryer is working properly?

You can also check the dryer to see if it’s working properly by listening for the sound of the dryer.

How can I repair a dryer timer?

If you have a broken dryer timer, you can fix it by taking off the dryer from the wall and removing the dryer timer from the back. Then, replace the dryer timer with a new one.

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