How To Fix a Timer on a Dryer?

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How To Fix A Timer On A Dryer?

Many of us women use a dryer to get a good dry and smooth finish of our clothes. There are a lot of problems that may occur when a dryer stops working, but I will tell you some of the most common problems and ways to fix them.

Timer issues

The first problem that we will talk about is the dryer timer. The most common problem faced by dryers is the timer. Sometimes a dryer may be broken but it is not because of the timer. The reason behind this is that it may happen due to the fact that you forgot to turn off the dryer before leaving home.

If you are facing a similar issue, then it is better to call a technician because this will make your situation much worse. You will be spending extra money on repair, so it is better to avoid this by taking help from a professional.

No heat

Another common issue is no heat. If you are facing this issue, then there is a chance that the heating element of the dryer is damaged. You should contact a technician immediately and see if it is damaged.

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Excessive heat

If you are facing excessive heat then it is better to contact a professional. Heat is one of the most common issues that occur in the dryer.

How To Fix A Timer On A Dryer?

If the problem is not that serious, then it is better to use a heater. You can also clean the heating element and check if it is damaged.

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Clothes too wet

Sometimes, the clothes may get wet because of the faulty timer. So, if you have this problem, then you should try to fix it by yourself.

If it is not fixed, then you should call a technician. If it is very humid then you should use a dehumidifier.


In conclusion, if you are facing any of these problems, then it is better to contact a professional.

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