How to Fix Clothes Dryer No Heat?

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How to Fix Clothes Dryer No Heat

4 Simple and easy methods to fix your clothes dryer when it won’t heat

Do you know that your clothes dryer is broken? Or it doesn’t heat up even if it is plugged in? If you have such a problem then there are many reasons that can make it happen. Some of these reasons are mentioned below:

Dryer cord is damaged

If the power plug of your dryer cord is not working then it will be difficult for you to start the dryer. You should change the power plug to another one.

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The circuit breaker is off

If the power of your dryer has gone off then it means that you have shorted the wires of the dryer. But it is better to contact the electrician to fix it.

Clothes dryer is getting old

It is common that older dryers are no longer working. This is because the dryer has become outdated and no longer meet the standards. The manufacturers have stopped making new models so you should ask an electrician to repair or replace it.

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There is a problem with the thermostat

The thermostat is the most important part of the clothes dryer. It is the only thing that controls the temperature inside the dryer. It will be damaged due to high temperatures or low temperatures. So, if you want to repair it then you should contact the experts.

In conclusion, these are the main causes of a broken clothes dryer. If you don’t know how to fix it then you can contact the experts. But in case your dryer is getting old then it is better to get a new one. So, use the above mentioned methods to fix your clothes dryer. I hope you liked this post.

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FAQs About How to Fix Clothes Dryer No Heat

Why is my tumble dryer working but not heating up?

The tumble dryer is not heating up because the thermostat may be defective. The thermostat controls the heat of the unit, and without it, the dryer will not heat up.

How do I reset my dryer heat?

You can reset your dryer heat by unplugging the appliance and then plugging it back in. If this does not work, you may need to contact a professional.

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How much does it cost to fix a dryer that won’t heat?

The cost of repairing a dryer that won’t heat can vary depending on the type of dryer you have. The most common types of dryers are electric and gas, with the latter costing more to repair.

The cost of repairing an electric dryer can range from $50-$400, while the cost for a gas dryer can range from $150-$450.

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