How to Fix Compressor On Fridge?

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How to Fix Compressor On Fridge?

Many refrigerators have a compressor that runs constantly to keep the cold air circulating inside the fridge. However, if this compressor stops working, the cold air will stop circulating and the food inside the fridge will start to spoil.

The freezer compartments in the fridge are even more susceptible to this problem because they don’t have their own compressor.

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So what can you do to fix this problem? This guide will explain how to fix your fridge’s compressor.

1. Unplug the refrigerator. This will stop the electricity from flowing through the fridge, which will help to prevent any further damage.

2. Take the cover off the back of the refrigerator. Find the little plastic cover that’s on the back of the fridge and remove it.

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3. Look for the two screws that hold the back of the refrigerator on. These screws are located next to the drain holes that drain the water into the sink. Remove the screws and remove the back of the refrigerator.

4. Find the compressor and remove the two screws. There are two screws that hold the compressor onto the back of the fridge. These screws are located on the bottom.

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5. Once the screws are removed, remove the compressor by lifting it up. There is a lever on the side of the compressor that you need to push down so that it releases from the back of the fridge.

6. Replace the screws. Now that the compressor is removed, replace the two screws.

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7. Plug the refrigerator back into the power socket. Make sure that you plug the refrigerator back into the power socket before you turn it back on.

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