How To Get Soap Suds Out Of Dishwasher?

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Get soap suds out of dishwasher

Did you ever wonder how to get soap suds out of a dishwasher?

I was also wondering how to get soap suds out of my dishwasher for a long time. Finally, I decided to share my experience with you because there are a lot of people who are also facing the same problem.

Tutorial Video – How To Get Soap Suds Out Of A Dishwasher

It happened one time that I was making tea for my parents. I used a tea bag in a cup and when I was about to pour the tea, I noticed that some white and foamy water was coming out from the tea cup. I was shocked to see that the tea was not getting brewed.

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So, I called the technician who came to fix the dishwasher and told him the problem. He just smiled and asked me to wait for a while. He came back after sometime and said that he could not find any problem in the dishwasher, but he told me to check whether the water is running or not. If the water is not running then there is a problem.

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I checked the water and there was no water running, so I got surprised that my tea had not been brewed.

The technician tried to find out the problem but he couldn’t find anything wrong. Then, he suggested that I should rinse the tea cup and the cup itself with hot water. After that, I tried it again and my tea was brewed.

The technician was astonished and told me that it is very strange that your dishwasher is not working. I told him that I don’t know why it happened, but I am not blaming the dishwasher.

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After that, he told me to use a special product to clean the water out of the cup and cup itself. I was worried that the dishwasher will be damaged or I will get some problem in the future. But the technician told me that the soap suds can be removed by using this product.

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I have used this product before but I didn’t remember its name. I searched online and found the same product.

This is the link of this product:


This product is called as Baking Soda and it is made up of sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate. It is mostly used for baking, washing and cleaning purposes.

If you don’t know this product then you can easily buy it and use it. I am sure it will help you to get your soap suds out of the dishwasher.

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