How to Hook Up Water Line to Refrigerator?

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How to Hook Up Water Line to Refrigerator?
How to Hook Up Water Line to Refrigerator?

Refrigerators are very common household appliances that every person uses for storing food items, but it has another function as well. In most cases, the refrigerators are kept in the kitchen, but what if there is a need to keep the refrigerator away from the kitchen? There are many ways to do it. One of the most popular ways is to keep the refrigerator in the garage or any other out-of-the-way place.

If you want to keep the refrigerator in the garage, then you must be aware of the fact that it needs water supply to work. The water line is connected to the main water line that comes from the faucet, so if you don’t have a water line, then you can’t use your refrigerator.

So, here are the steps for installing the water line:

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1: First, you need to check the water line of your house. The water line is usually located at the basement of your house. It can be in the form of a plastic pipe or copper pipe, but the size of the pipe may differ from one house to another.

2: If you found the location of the water line, then you must check the water meter which is usually located on the wall of the basement. Now, you will have to disconnect the water meter and remove it from its place.

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3: After removing the meter, you need to check the length of the water line. There should be a section where the water line is exposed and there is no pipe in between.

4: You need to cut the length of the exposed section using a hacksaw. Make sure that the pipe is not broken and then connect it to the main water line with a pipe fitting.

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5: Now, you need to replace the meter back into its place and cover it with some tape to avoid any leakage.


So, this was the first step for How to Hook Up Water Line to Refrigerator. It’s very easy and you can do it by yourself. If you have any questions about this article or any other topic, then you can leave a comment below and we will be happy to help you out.

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