How to Open a Quarter Washing Machine?

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How to Open a Quarter Washing Machine

Washing machines are an essential part of life that will help you to clean and sanitize your clothes. They are one of the most used appliances in a home and most of the people don’t know how to open a quarter washing machine.

How to open a quarter washing machine

To open a quarter washing machine you just need to insert the pin in the right hole of the lid, now the lid will be fixed but you will see some movement in the top part of the washer.

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You need to keep the washer door closed for a while so that it will come down and you will see the drum inside.

Now, place your hand below the top part and you will feel the lid lifting.

Keep it down and place it back in its position.


There you go, you can easily open a quarter washing machine. These were the steps to open a quarter washing machine, hope you found it useful.


What do you mean by a quarter washing machine?

A quarter washing machine is a washing machine that holds quarters. There are also quarter washers, which are machines that wash and dry quarters at the same time.

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How do I use a quarter washing machine?

You will need a quarter. You will also need to remove the lid from the quarter washing machine, fill the tub with water, add quarters, then put the lid back on. You will then need to plug in the machine.

Do I need to have a special detergent?

You will probably need a special detergent.

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What if I forget to put quarters in the machine?

If you forget to put quarters in the machine, you can also buy a key that unlocks the door of the quarter washer.

What size quarter washer do I need?

The standard size quarter washer is 12 inches wide, 15 inches high, and 9 inches deep.

How long do quarters last?

The average life of a quarter is 30 days.

Are quarters recycled?

Yes, they are recycled.

Can I wash a quarter in my regular washing machine?

No, you cannot wash a quarter in your regular washing machine.

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What if I drop a quarter?

If you drop a quarter, you can take it to a coin machine and get money back.

How much does it cost to use a quarter washing machine?

The cost of using a quarter washing machine depends on the amount of time you spend using it.

What if I have a lot of quarters to wash?

You can buy a machine that can hold a lot of quarters.

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