How To Open Locked Washing Machine Door

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How To Open Locked Washing Machine Door

You are trying to open the washing machine door for a long time but it is not opening and if it is locked then what should you do? It is very easy to open the door but it needs some techniques and patience.

There are certain tricks which will help you to open locked washing machine door in a very easy way and it doesn’t take much time. The problem is that most people don’t know about such tricks and they waste their time by calling handy man.

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To speed things up, you can watch this video by eSpares

The best thing that you can do is to read this article as it will help you to open any kind of lock in an easy way. So, here are some tips to open the door of your washing machine.

Check for the manual

It is very important to check the manual of your washing machine, because if there is no manual then there is no need to worry. If you have the manual then it will be easier for you to understand the various types of lock.

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Use force

If you don’t have the manual then it is better to use force. You can use your hands to break the lock but this method is not recommended. It is possible that you will get hurt or damage your hands.

Use a hair dryer

If you are using a hair dryer then there is nothing wrong with it. This trick works perfectly when the lock is strong. So, use the dryer to heat up the lock and it will easily open.

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Wear gloves

When it comes to opening the lock then wearing gloves is very important because you can’t damage the lock. It is also important to wear the gloves because it will protect your hands from any kind of damage.


These are some easy tips to open locked washing machine door. These tricks are easy to follow but if you want to get the perfect results then you need to be patient. Don’t waste your time calling the handy man.

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