How To Read Whirlpool Model Numbers

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Reading a Whirlpool Model Number

Whirlpool is one of the leading appliance manufacturers in the world, and their products are known for their quality and reliability. As a result, many consumers choose Whirlpool products when shopping for new appliances. While the brand is well-known, understanding the model numbers can be confusing. To help, we’ll explain how to read a Whirlpool model number.

Whirlpool model numbers are typically 10-11 characters in length and composed of both letters and numbers. The first two characters are always letters, and they indicate the manufacturer. W is used for all Whirlpool products. The next two characters are numbers and they refer to the type of appliance. For example, 10 is used for refrigerators, 20 for washers and dryers, 30 for ranges and ovens, 40 for dishwashers, and so on.

The next two characters are letters, and they refer to the product line. For example, GD is for the Gold Series, CC for the Cabrio Series, HT for the High-Efficiency Top Load Washer, and so on. The next three characters are numbers and they refer to the capacity of the appliance in cubic feet. For example, a model number that starts with W10GD would be a 10-cubic foot refrigerator from the Gold Series.

The next set of characters are a combination of letters and numbers. This is the model code, which is unique to each appliance. The final character is a letter and it indicates the color of the appliance.

Now that you understand how to read a Whirlpool model number, it should be easier to find the appliance you’re looking for. Knowing the model number can also help you find helpful information about the product, such as the parts list or installation instructions. If you have any questions about a Whirlpool model number, you can contact the manufacturer directly for assistance.

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