How To Replace a Over The Range Microwave?

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How To Replace A Microwave Over The Range?

Microwaves are very useful appliances but in case you have a microwave over the range, it will not get replaced. It is because of the price tag attached to the microwaves over the range.

Microwave ovens were introduced back in the 1970’s and ever since then they have become a regular part of our lives. It is a common misconception that microwave ovens will spoil food and you have to use it sparingly.

So, what exactly is a microwave oven? A microwave oven is basically a device that heats up food quickly without exposing it to high temperatures.

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A microwave is a piece of kitchen equipment that is equipped with magnetron. A magnetron is basically a high frequency generator that will emit the high frequency sound waves.

The sound waves will penetrate the food and the internal temperature will increase, which will eventually destroy the cell structure of the food.

Now that you know how a microwave works, let us discuss how to replace a microwave over the range.

Steps for replacing a microwave over the range:

1. Check the wattage

Wattage is the power that is used by the microwave oven. It will also tell you the capacity of the oven.

2. Check the shelf space

There are different types of shelves, and it is important to check the capacity of the oven and the height of the shelf.

3. Check the door

The microwave oven has a door which is used to open the oven and close it.

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4. Check the cord

It is important to check the length of the cord that will connect the microwave to the socket.

5. Check the power source

Some microwaves are connected to the socket through a power outlet, whereas some are connected to the socket through a power cable.

6. Check the model number

There is a unique model number for the microwave over the range, and if it is not available then you can check the serial number.

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7. Check the warranty

Check the warranty period for the microwave oven.

8. Check the features

Some microwaves have certain features like auto shut off and defrosting features.

9. Check the size

The dimensions of the microwave oven will be different. Some are small, while some are large.

10. Do not buy a microwave over the range

Sometimes, we get attracted to the price of the microwave over the range, but it is not necessary.


I hope these tips will help you to get the best of the microwave over the range.

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