How to Replace a Thermocouple on a Water Heater

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If you’re like most homeowners, your water heater is one of those pieces of equipment that’s in the basement. But if your water heater stops working, that can be a pretty big problem.

And to make matters worse, there are hundreds of types of water heaters out there, and finding the correct type can be tricky. Not to mention, some types of water heaters aren’t easy to replace.

You might know how to replace a thermostat, but do you know how to replace a thermocouple on a water heater?

How to Replace a Thermocouple on a Water Heater

How to replace a thermocouple on a water heater

Do you know why your water heater is not working properly? It might be a very simple problem or it might be a major problem.

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Here are some steps that you need to follow in order to repair your water heater yourself. Let’s take a look at this video, by far this is the most complete tutorial, in my opinion. I’m pretty sure you’ll think so too. Click to watch.

Remove the thermostat cover

First, you need to take out the cover and see whether there is a thermocouple inside. If there is no thermocouple then you need to buy one from any online store.

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Find the wire connection

In case if there is a thermocouple inside then you need to find the wire connection. You can use a multimeter to check the voltage level of the wire. If there is no voltage then you will have to replace the thermocouple.

Check the pressure switch

If you find the wire connection then you will have to check the pressure switch. You can remove the switch from the tank by using a screwdriver. Once you have removed the switch then you can check whether the wire is connected or not.

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Attach the new thermocouple

After checking all the wires, you will have to attach the new thermocouple. To do this, you will have to cut the wire and apply the connector. In case if you don’t have the thermocouple then you can get it from any online store.

Turn on the water heater

Once you have attached the thermocouple then you will have to turn on the water heater. If you don’t turn on the water heater then there is a possibility that the new thermocouple might not be connected properly.

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If your water heater is not working properly then you need to check all the wires and replace the thermocouple. If you are unable to do this then you need to contact a professional who will solve this problem for you. You can also check whether there is a voltage in the wire or not. You can take help of an electrician if you don’t know how to repair your water heater.

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