How To Replace Heating Element In Roper Dryer

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DIY Repair: Replacing the Heating Element in Your Roper Dryer

Heating elements in Roper dryers are important parts that produce heat to dry clothes. Over time and with regular use, the heating element in a Roper dryer can wear out, leading to a decreased efficiency in the appliance. Replacing the heating element in a Roper dryer is a straightforward process that can be done at home with only a few tools.

Tools needed:

• Philips screwdriver
• Flathead screwdriver
• Needle nose pliers
• New heating element
• Volt and ohm meter

Step 1: Unplug the dryer. Before beginning any maintenance on your Roper dryer, always make sure that it is unplugged from the wall.

Step 2: Remove the dryer’s back panel. Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screws from the back panel of the dryer. Once the screws are removed, you can remove the panel.

Step 3: Locate the heating element. The heating element will be located at the back of the dryer and should be easily visible.

Step 4: Disconnect the heating element. Use a flathead screwdriver to carefully disconnect the wires from the heating element.

Step 5: Remove the heating element. Use needle nose pliers to carefully remove the heating element from the dryer.

Step 6: Test the heating element. Before installing the new heating element, use a volt and ohm meter to test the old heating element. This will help to ensure that the new element will work properly.

Step 7: Install the new heating element. Carefully reconnect the wires to the new heating element and use needle nose pliers to secure it in place.

Step 8: Reinstall the back panel. Once the new heating element is installed, you can reattach the back panel with the screws and make sure it is secure.

Step 9: Test the dryer. Plug the dryer back in and turn it on to test the new heating element.

Replacing the heating element in a Roper dryer is a relatively easy process that can be done at home with the proper tools. Always make sure that the dryer is unplugged before beginning any maintenance and always test the new element with a volt and ohm meter before installing it. With these steps, you should have a working Roper dryer in no time.