How to Replace Heating Element in Samsung Dryer?

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How to Replace Heating Element in Samsung Dryer?
How to Replace Heating Element in Samsung Dryer?

Samsung dryer is one of the best dryers available in the market. They provide you with best features and excellent services. But when you need to replace the heating element, then you must be careful.

As heating element is a very important part of the dryer, so it should be replaced after using it for a long time. But in case if you are not aware about the replacement of heating element then there may be a problem in your dryer.

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There are many dryers available in the market, but they are all same as far as their functioning is concerned. The difference lies in their quality and price.

So, we can say that the best dryer is the one that provides you with good features and at the same time affordable. Here we will discuss about the best replacement heating element for Samsung dryer.

Things to know before replacing the heating element

Samsung dryer has different types of heating elements like heat-up, etc. But we will talk about the heat-up heating element only because it is the most common type of heating element.

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Heat-up heating element is a common type of heating element, which is used to dry clothes or other materials. But this type of heating element is not designed for commercial use but for home use.

In case if you want to use it in commercial purpose then you must check its rating before buying it. In case if you are not aware about the rating of heating element then you must consult your local repairman.

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If you are replacing heating element in Samsung dryer then firstly you need to remove the front panel of the dryer and then replace the heating element.

So, now it’s time to replace the heating element in Samsung dryer. If you are using a replacement heating element for the first time then you must follow the below mentioned procedure:

  • Start by unplugging the power supply from the socket.
  • Turn off the gas flow by opening the valve on the back side of the dryer.
  • Now, open the cabinet door on the front of the dryer and take out the old heating element from the cabinet.
  • Finally, replace the new heating element and put it in its place.
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I hope you have understood the procedure of replacing the heating element in Samsung dryer. It is quite easy to replace heating element in your dryer, but if you don’t know then you must ask your local repairman.

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