How To Reset a GE Washing Machine?

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Reset a GE washing machine

A washing machine is the most common thing that we use in our daily life, we may think that the washing machine is so simple that we don’t need to care for it but it is not true, there are some things that you need to care for the machine, and one of them is resetting the GE washing machine.

It is not a difficult process, but we never know about the working of the machine. But, here we will discuss about how to reset a GE washing machine.

How To Reset a GE Washing Machine Video Tutorial

Reset the control panel

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If you have a GE washing machine then first thing that you need to do is reset the control panel. But before doing so, you need to know how to reset the control panel. If you don’t know how to reset the control panel then you need to contact a service center.

Check the door sensor

If you see that your door sensor is not working then you can reset it by yourself. First of all you need to open the door and remove the door sensor. Then you need to put it back and close the door. Now turn on the machine and start the washing cycle. If it doesn’t work then you can replace it.

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Clean the filter

Another thing that you can do is cleaning the filter. You can find a filter in the bottom of the washing machine. You need to take out the filter and clean it using a brush. After cleaning the filter you can put it back and start the washing cycle again.

Check the water level

If the water level is low then you can add some extra water. This trick will help your washing machine to work properly. You can also use the water hose for adding water.

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If you are facing the problem of washing your clothes in a washing machine which is not working then don’t worry; you can use some effective tricks that will make your washing machine work again.


How do I reset a ge washing machine?

Resetting a washing machine is easy. You need to remove the access panel and turn the knob that says “Off.” Once the knob is turned to the off position, turn the knob back to the on position.

Why do I have to turn the knob when I turn off the washing machine?

When you turn off the washing machine, you have to make sure the water is drained. Otherwise, you will damage the washing machine.

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Why do I have to turn the knob back to the on position when I turn the washing machine back on?

After you turn the washing machine on, you have to wait for it to start running. This is so the machine will be ready when you are done washing your clothes.

What if I don’t turn the knob back to the on position when I turn the washing machine off?

If you don’t turn the knob back to the on position, the machine will not start when you turn it on again.

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