How to Reverse Whirlpool Door of Refrigerator

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How to Reverse Whirlpool Door of Refrigerator
How to Reverse Whirlpool Door of Refrigerator

The refrigerator is the most common part of our house which is used by us almost on a daily basis. We put food in it and keep it for a longer period of time and when we open the door then the cold air goes inside. This process will make the refrigerator run and consume electricity. This is the reason why most of the people want to change the design of their refrigerator so that they can get rid of the unnecessary doors and get the better results. But they don’t know that there are certain ways to get a perfect design.

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Here is a quick tip that you should follow if you want to reverse the whirlpool door of your refrigerator. Click to play video.

Remove the door of your refrigerator

You can simply open your refrigerator and remove the door; this will be much easier. Don’t forget to keep the door open because you need to check what’s inside.

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Now, you can check the door from the back side

If you have a small space then you can use a mirror to check the backside of your refrigerator. You can see what all you have stored inside the refrigerator.

Remove all the food

After removing the door, you need to remove the food from the inside of the refrigerator. If there are any leftovers then you can throw them out.

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Clean the door

This is an easy task; you can clean it with a damp cloth and don’t forget to wipe it from both sides. If you don’t wipe from both sides then it will be easier for bacteria to get inside.

Put it back

Make sure that you clean it before putting it back.

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