How To Set Clock On Kenmore Stove?

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Kenmore Stove Clock Setup

How To Set Clock On Kenmore Stove – Nowadays everyone is using a clock on their phone or PC or a watch, but the clock is not the only thing you need in your house, you also need a stove clock. Why a stove clock?

Well, because it will save your valuable time. Yes, cooking will take time but it will be saved in your stove clock. You don’t need to search for your stove clock when you need to turn the stove on.

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Let’s see some simple steps to setup your stove clock.

1) Turn off your stove completely.

2) Open the oven door.

3) Remove the plug of the stove.

4) Unscrew the top cover.

5) Take the cover away.

6) Pull out the knob.

7) Take the knob cover.

8) Push the clock knob on the wall.

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9) Now, you need to open the oven door and place the clock in the oven.

10) Now, you can close the door.

11) Put the plug back.

12) Screw the top cover.

13) Now, you can use the stove again.

14) Enjoy your time in your own home and don’t forget to set the clock every day.

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We have seen the most easiest way to set the clock on your Kenmore stove. But if you have any problem then you can ask me on the comment box.

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