How To Unclog a Washer Drain Line

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Unclog a Washer Drain Line – How To Unclog a Washer Drain Line

Every household uses a washing machine, and you can’t imagine how much time and money you spend on cleaning the clothes. If you feel that the drain is clogged and it is making you miserable, then you can take help from a professional. But, what is the solution to unclog the drain?

Unclogging washer drain

The first thing that you should do is try to check the drain manually. If you notice that there is no water in the pipe, then you must contact a plumber immediately. This is a very simple and easy method to unclog a washer drain line. If you find water in the pipe then you need to follow the next steps.

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If you see that water is coming out from the drain, then you need to turn off the water supply. You can use a snake or a drain plunger to break the blockage. If you don’t have a plunger, then you can take help of a plunger kit. This kit includes a small tube, a plunger, a plunger head, and a snake.

Now, once the plunger is in place, you need to pull the plunger backwards to break the blockage.

Once you break the blockage, you need to turn on the water supply and drain the water that is present in the pipe.

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Clean the drain lines using a snake.

If the blockage is still there, then you need to clean the pipe again. After the pipes are cleaned, you can repeat the process again.


In conclusion, these are the steps to unclog a washer drain line. Now, you know the solution and the method to unclog a washer drain line. So, use these methods and enjoy a clog-free washer drain.


What should I do if my drain line is clogged?

The best way to unclog the drain line is to turn off the water, unplug the washer, and let it sit overnight. After that, you should try to flush the drain line by running hot water through it.

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How often should I change the filter in my washer?

You should change your washer’s filter at least once a month. It’s important to check the instructions that came with your machine.

How often should I clean the filter in my washing machine?

You should clean the filter in your washing machine at least once a month.

Should I wash clothes in hot or cold water?

Hot water is better for washing your clothes, but cold water is better for drying them.

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What’s the difference between a front-load and top-load washer?

A front-load washer uses a pulsating action, which is better for washing delicate fabrics. A top-load washer uses a continuous action, which is better for washing heavy loads.

What should I look for when buying a new washing machine?

You should look for a washer that has a large capacity. You also want to make sure that the washer is energy efficient.

What’s the best way to wash clothes?

The best way to wash clothes is to fill the washer with hot water, add a detergent, and then put the clothes in the washer.

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What’s the best way to dry clothes?

The best way to dry clothes is to put them in the dryer.

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