How To Wire a Washing Machine Motor?

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Washing Machine Motor Repairing Guide: How To Wire a Washing Machine Motor

A washing machine is a device which makes your clothes clean. It removes the dirt from your cloths using water and electricity. The washer has three parts: the drum, the agitator, and the motor. The drum and agitator are connected to the motor through belts. The motor controls the speed of the agitator and the drum, and it is responsible for the rotation of the agitator and the drum.

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The motor is responsible for all the movements in the washing machine and it is connected to the electronic circuit board. If the motor stops working, then you need to check the washing machine first, then repair or replace the motor.

How to fix a washing machine motor?

  • Check if there is a problem with the electric connection
  • Check if the battery is dead or not.
  • Check if the fuse is defective or not.
  • If everything is fine then you have to check the motor.
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Steps to replace a washing machine motor:

Unplug the power source from the wall socket and then turn off the water supply.

Remove the lid of the washer, take out the agitator and drum.

Then remove the bottom plate and take out the belts from the motor.

Remove the bolts which are connected to the motor and then remove the screws which are connected to the motor.

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Next, open the case and take out the motor.

Now, you have to change the old motor with a new one.

Take a new motor, connect it with the old motor by using the screws.

After that, put the lid back on and close the washer.

Now, turn on the power source and start the washing machine.

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I hope this How To Wire a Washing Machine Motor post will help you to repair a washing machine motor. If you want any further information then you can comment us and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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