Kenmore 70 Series Gas Dryer No Heat (Quick Guide)

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How to Fix Kenmore 70 Series Gas Dryer No Heat

How to Fix Kenmore 70 Series Gas Dryer No Heat – You can try several methods to fix the problem, but I will guide you through the most easy and effective method to fix the problem.

Check if there is gas leakage

First of all, you must check if there is any leakage of gas in your house. Open the dryer door and check if there is a smell of gas. If you don’t feel anything then you have nothing to worry. But if you find a strong smell of gas, then immediately call the experts to take care of the problem.

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Check the circuit breaker

If there is a strong smell of gas but you don’t feel anything then it means that there is a problem in the circuit breaker. Call the electrician to fix it.

Check if the door is opened

Sometimes the door is not closed properly and when the dryer is running, it can cause the problem. You can solve this problem by simply closing the door of the dryer.

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Check the gas tank

Sometimes the gas tank is empty and if you don’t check it before the dryer is turned on then it will automatically turn on the dryer. You can easily check the gas tank by turning off the gas valve and open the gas cap. If the tank is empty, then you have to refill it.

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Check the vent hose

The vent hose is responsible for letting the air escape from the inside of the dryer. If the hose is blocked, it will not let the air to escape. It will cause the fire inside the dryer.


If you are facing the same problem with your gas dryer then you have to follow the above mentioned tips. I am sure you will get your dryer fixed by following these tips. If you still have any question, then leave a comment and we will help you to fix the issue.

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