Kenmore Dryer Not Spinning (Quick Guide)

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How to Fix Kenmore Dryer Not Spinning

Kenmore dryers are one of the best home appliances which are used by everyone to dry their clothes. If you own a Kenmore dryer then you should know that it is one of the most reliable machines. It is a great machine and you will not get disappointed if you will purchase it. But sometimes you may come across some problems like the dryer not spinning, the dryer door will not open or close.

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Here are some common causes of the Kenmore dryer not spinning. If you find your dryer is not spinning, then you should check these causes and try to fix the problem.

Check the dryer drum

If you check the drum of your dryer then you will know that it is not rotating, then you will have to replace it. It is a common problem that many people face but you need to keep a look out for the problem and fix it.

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Make sure the belt is attached properly

The belt is the most important part of the dryer. The dryer has the power of the motor and it is dependent on the belt for its functioning. So, if the belt is not attached properly it will make the motor unable to rotate.

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You can try to fix this problem by checking the belt. If the belt is loose then you should tighten it. If it is fine then you should replace it.

Check the fuse

The fuse is the most important part of the electrical system. When the fuse blows, then it will make your dryer unable to work properly. So, if you find the fuse is not working then you will have to replace it.

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It is not possible for you to check every single part of the dryer if you are a newbie. But don’t worry if you are an experienced person, you will easily fix this problem and make it work perfectly.

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