LG Dryer Troubleshooting

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LG Dryer Troubleshooting – How to Troubleshoot LG Dryers

LG Dryer Troubleshooting – Laundry machines are one of the most important equipment in our house, and they are the best friend of every mother. When your laundry machine stops working, it can be quite frustrating for you. But when it comes to lg dryers, they are a bit more complicated than other washers. The problem with them is that they usually have a large number of sensors that are responsible for its functioning. If any of the sensors fail, it can result in malfunctioning of the entire machine. So, how can you fix a lg dryer?

Sensor malfunctioning

The sensors are responsible for sensing the temperature of the air and the water, and they are usually placed on top of the machine. When a sensor fails, it can make the entire machine faulty. You should check whether the sensors are working properly or not. If the sensors are not working, it is the time to change the sensor.

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Air flow

If the lg dryer has stopped working due to the issue of the sensor, then the next thing that you have to check is the air flow. If the air flow is not working, then it can make the machine faulty. So, make sure that the air flow is working well. You can fix the problem by replacing the fan, but it is better to call the service provider first.

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Water overflow

If the lg dryer has stopped working due to the water overflow, then you should check the water level. If the water level is overflowing, then it means that the filter is clogged. You should change the filter, and then make sure that the water level is within the limits.

Excessive noise

If the lg dryer has stopped working, and it is making excessive noise, then you should check the exhaust pipe. If the pipe is blocked, then it can make the noise louder. You should clear the blockage by using a screwdriver, and then try to run the machine.

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LG Dryer Troubleshooting Conclusion

If your lg dryer has stopped working, and if the problem is with the sensors, then you should replace the sensor. If the problem is with the air flow, then you can replace the fan or the motor. And if it is with the water level, then you should check the filter and the pipe.

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