LG Washing Machine Wont Turn On (Quick Fix)

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LG Washing Machine Won’t Turn On – What To Do?

What are the common problems faced by LG washing machine users? It is very common problem that people have to face in their life. They think that this is just a small problem and they will leave it and come back again when it will be fixed. But it is not a minor issue. It can even lead to a big disaster. So, if you face any of the problems of your LG washing machine, then it is better to take a call of a professional.

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There are a lot of problems of LG washing machines that people face in their life. First of all, you need to check the power cord, it might be short or not. Sometimes, the connection of the cord gets damaged and when you plug it into the outlet, the electricity supply will not go inside the washing machine.

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You need to check the fuses, if the fuses are also not working then you need to change it.

Nowadays, it has become very important to have a good-looking washing machine, so if you have a dirty and unorganized laundry, then it is better to opt for a new one.

How to fix LG washing machine won’t turn on?

1. The load is too heavy:

This is the most common problem of LG washing machine users. The machine is unable to turn on because it is getting overloaded. So, if you have a big load of laundry, then it is better to use a smaller capacity of the washing machine.

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2. There is no water in the tank:

It is very common to see that when the water is running out from the tank, it is the time to wash the clothes. If the water is not coming from the tank, then it means that there is no water in the tank and you need to connect the washing machine to the water supply.

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3. The water is leaking:

This is another common problem faced by people, especially if you have a leaky water pipe. It is the worst problem, as you can’t clean your clothes properly and it is better to call a professional.

4. The heating system is not working:

If you face this problem then it means that your washing machine is not working. You need to turn off the heating system and try to start it again.

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I hope that this post will help you to solve the common problem of LG washing machine. If you have any other problem, then feel free to contact a professional to help.

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