My Air Conditioner Won’t Turn Off

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If you have ever experienced the frustration of your air conditioner not turning off, then you know how difficult and uncomfortable it can be.

Having an air conditioner that won’t turn off can lead to a skyrocketing electric bill and an overly cold home. In this article, we will discuss why your air conditioner may not be turning off and how to fix the issue.

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn Off

You may be surprised to learn that there are several potential reasons behind this common problem.

First and foremost, you should check the thermostat setting. If your device’s set temperature is lower than the current room temperature, it will continue to run until the desired temperature is achieved.

Additionally, a system malfunction could cause it to stay on indefinitely as well. If you have recently changed your filter, cleaned condenser coils or performed other maintenance tasks on the unit, then this could also trigger an issue that prevents it from shutting off properly.

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Troubleshooting Tips to Fix an A/C Unit That Won’t Shut Off

Then it’s time to troubleshoot and find a solution. Knowing the basics of how A/C units work can help you troubleshoot this issue quickly and easily. Here are some tips to help you fix an A/C unit that won’t shut off:

First, check your thermostat settings. If the thermostat is set too low or if it’s in fan-only mode, then it will run continuously until you adjust the temperature setting. Additionally, make sure that there isn’t anything blocking the air vents in your home – like furniture or curtains – as this could prevent your A/C from shutting off properly.

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Second, check around your outdoor unit for any debris or vegetation blocking airflow. This can cause your system to run continuously, which will quickly drain your energy savings and increase your utility bills. Finally, make sure that the power cord isn t damaged or frayed – this can lead to a fire hazard and an increased risk of electrocution.

Common Causes of an Air Conditioner That Refuses to Shut Down

An air conditioner that refuses to shut down can be a major nuisance. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common problem for homeowners everywhere. There are a handful of reasons why your air conditioner might not turn off, ranging from simple user error to more complex mechanical issues.

From a faulty thermostat setting to a frozen evaporator coil, learn how to identify the source of your AC problems and get your system back up and running in no time.

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The Thermostat Is Set Too Low

Your thermostat may be set too low. If the temperature in your home is too low, your air conditioner will continue to run until the interior reaches a comfortable temperature. The thermostat might also have an issue that’s causing it to malfunction. To fix this problem, check the thermostat settings and replace it if necessary. The Evaporator Coil Is Frozen If your air conditioner isn’t turning off, there’s a chance that your evaporator coil is frozen.

Top Signs Your A/C Needs Repairs or Replaced

  • Unusual Noises or Sounds
  • Strange Smells
  • Poor Airflow
  • High Energy Bills
  • Inconsistent Temperatures
  • Age of the System

How to Reset Your Air Conditioner and Get it Back On Track

Resetting it may be the solution. Resetting your air conditioner is a simple way to get it back on track and functioning properly. It only takes a few steps, so don’t be intimidated by the process!

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First, turn off the power source to the unit, either at the breaker or at an outlet switch. Then remove any debris from around or in front of the unit and wipe down any dirt that has accumulated on its surface.

Next, check all wiring connections inside and outside of the unit to make sure they are secure and free of corrosion or other damage.

Finally, reset any circuit breakers associated with your air conditioner as well as replacing batteries in any wireless remotes you may have been using before turning everything back on again.


In conclusion,your air conditioner won’t turn off is likely due to a problem with the thermostat, the fan motor, or the capacitor. It is important to diagnose and address the issue quickly in order to avoid any further damage to your home’s air conditioning system. If you’re not sure how to do this yourself, it’s best to call a qualified HVAC technician who can accurately identify and repair the issue.

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