Samsung Dryer Not Getting Hot (Quick Fix)

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5 Best Ways to Fix Your Dryer Not Getting Hot

Samsung dryers have been a big success in the market. They are the best option for drying clothes in a short span of time. But sometimes, the problem arises when you don’t get hot and your dryer doesn’t turn on. It is not a big deal, but if you don’t have any solution for this problem, then you are out of luck. Here are the top 5 ways to fix your dryer not getting hot.

Check the fuse

If your dryer is not getting hot then the first thing you need to do is to check the fuse. Check the fuse of your dryer and replace it with a new one if it is damaged.

Use lint catcher

Lint catcher is a very important thing for a dryer to function properly. A dryer without a lint catcher is like a human without eyes. The lint catcher is the most essential part of a dryer.

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Change the filter

Dryer filters are very important for a dryer to work properly. Change the filter of your dryer and use a new one. You can also clean the filter with the water.

Use the correct detergent

You have to use a detergent that is compatible with your dryer. If you are using a machine that is more than five years old then you can use a soap dish detergent. If your dryer is less than five years old then you can use a fabric softener.

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Turn the power off

Turning the power off is the best way to fix your dryer not getting hot.


There is nothing to worry about this problem, but if you don’t know how to fix this problem then you are out of luck. But don’t worry; we will help you to fix this problem. Just follow the steps that we have given in this post and your dryer will be running like a charm.

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