Troubleshooting LG Dryer Not Drying

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How To Troubleshoot Lg Dryer Not Drying

Laundry is the most important activity of a family, but when it comes to washing clothes there are many problems that occur. One of the most common issues is that the dryer doesn’t work properly and you are not able to dry your clothes. Here are some troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

Check the dryer drum

If the dryer is not working then you must check if the drum is full. If the dryer drum is not full, then you must change the filter.

Check the fuse

If your fuse is damaged then it can be replaced or repaired. In this case, you must take your dryer to an expert.

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Check the power cord

The power cord is connected to the wall socket properly. If the power cord is loose, then you must tighten it.

Check the thermostat

If the dryer isn’t heating up, then you must replace the thermostat.

Check the heat sensor

If the heat sensor is damaged then you must replace it. You must also ensure that the dryer isn’t too hot.

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Check the door

If the door is jammed, you must open it. If it is open, you must close it.

Check the lid

If the lid is stuck, you must take it off.


You must try all these steps to fix the issue and the results will be satisfying. If you are facing any kind of issues, then you must call the service providers to solve the problem. You can also contact the manufacturer if the problem is severe.

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