Washing Machine Spinning But Clothes Still Wet

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How To Fix Washing Machine Spinning But Clothes Still Wet

There are many washing machines in the market but a majority of them are not worth buying. There are some washing machines that are good for a small family but if you have a large family then you need a washing machine that will take care of all your clothes. So, you need to buy a washing machine that will fit in your budget and the number of clothes you want to wash.

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Washing machine is an important appliance in any household, but you need to keep it clean. The most common problem faced by most of the people is that the washing machine is not working properly and they are unable to use it. If you also face the same problem then don’t worry because there are some ways to fix the problems of the washing machine.

Here are some of the ways that will help you to fix the spinning problem:

Clean the filter

One of the most common reasons why the washing machine is not working is due to dirty filter. The filter needs to be cleaned regularly. You can simply place a cup of vinegar on the filter to clean it.

Use the right amount of detergent

Some people are using a large quantity of detergent in their washing machine which is not good for the clothes. In order to fix the spinning problem you need to use the right amount of detergent.

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Change the water level

The water level should be half to full in the washing machine. If the water level is too low then the clothes won’t get clean and the water will run over the clothes. If you have a washing machine that is automatic then you will need to fill the water according to the size of the washing machine.

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I hope this post will help you to fix the washing machine spinning but clothes still wet problem. Also, if you are facing the same problem then you can fix it yourself.

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