Whirlpool Estate Dryer Troubleshooting (Quick Guide)

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Whirlpool Dryer Troubleshooting Tips

No one wants to be without a dryer. It’s a household appliance that makes life simpler.

However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes, a dryer can give you trouble.

We are talking about a dryer that won’t turn on, won’t heat, won’t dry, or worse, won’t stop running.

The first step is to figure out whether the problem is internal or external. External problems include wiring, power supply, and a faulty thermostat. Internal problems could be a burned out fuse, a faulty door sensor, or a bad motor.

Check the Exterior

Start by checking the exterior of your dryer for signs of tampering or damage. Is it the same color as the rest of the house? Is the cord damaged? Are there any signs of rust? Look for anything that might indicate that someone has tampered with the machine. If you find any signs of tampering, call a professional to take a look.

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Check the Interior

Once you have confirmed that there are no signs of tampering or damage, check the interior of your dryer. Does the door close and latch properly? Do the lint filters look clean and are not clogged? Look for any sign of damage, like bent screws or broken parts. Check the area where the clothes are hung to see if they are properly aligned and not touching the dryer.

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If you can find nothing out of the ordinary, it’s time to call an expert.

#1. Turn it Off

Turn your dryer off. It is not wise to leave a dryer running. Leaving a dryer on when it’s not being used is a fire hazard. The fan will continue to run, which will create a lot of heat, and could cause a fire.

#2. Disconnect the Wires

If the dryer does not turn on, you will need to disconnect the wiring. You can do this yourself, but it’s a good idea to get a qualified electrician to do the job for you.

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#3. Test the Dryer

Test the dryer by running it for a few minutes. If the dryer starts up and runs, you know that the motor is working properly. If it doesn’t start, the motor is probably burnt out.

#4. Start Again

If you have determined that the dryer is operating correctly and the problem is outside the machine, you will need to replace the dryer’s thermostat. Thermostats are easy to install, but you will need a professional to do the work.

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#5. Reset the Dryer

If you have determined that the problem is with the dryer’s thermostat, you will need to reset it. Thermostats are fairly simple to operate, but you will need a professional to reset the dryer.


Whirlpool is one of the most trusted brands for home appliances and so it is no surprise that they are also trusted for home appliances.

Dryers are very useful appliances and they have a long life span. Most people use their dryers for years and years without ever having to change them out. They are important appliances and it’s important that they work well.

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Sometimes, a dryer won’t work and you will have to troubleshoot the problem. I have provided you with some simple steps that you can follow in order to troubleshoot the issue.

So, if your dryer won’t work, don’t panic!

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