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The Low-down on Crosley

Hello, MonsterWoodshop readers! It’s time to explore who makes Crosley appliances. Crosley is a brand that has been around for over 100 years, producing household appliances and electronics that aim to make our lives easier and more comfortable. The company is renowned for its unique blend of style and functionality, with a particular focus on vintage and retro designs. Crosley products can be found in homes and offices across the United States, prompting many to wonder, who makes Crosley appliances?

All About Crosley

The answer to that question is relatively simple – Crosley Appliances is a trademark owned and licensed by a company called Crosley Corporation. Crosley Corporation is a privately owned consumer electronics and household appliance corporation that specializes in refrigerators, stoves, and other appliances for the home. They’ve been in operation since 1976, with their headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The Strengths of Crosley Appliances

Crosley corporation has several key strengths that have enabled them to thrive in the competitive home appliance market in the United States:

Strengths Explanation
History Crosley has been around for over a century and has built a reputation for quality and style over that time.
Price Crosley appliances are priced to be affordable, making them a viable option for many households.
Design Crosley’s vintage and retro designs have proven to be very popular with consumers who want something unique and stylish.
Innovation Crosley is committed to continual innovation and improving the functionality of their appliances.

The Weaknesses of Crosley Appliances

Of course, no company is without weaknesses. Crosley Corporation has some areas in which they could improve:

Weaknesses Explanation
Service Crosley’s customer service has come under scrutiny in recent years, with some customers struggling to get their issues resolved.
Warranty The warranty offered by Crosley is not as comprehensive as some of its competitors.
Product Line Crosley’s product line is more limited than some of its larger competitors, potentially limiting customer choice.

Crosley Appliances: Frequently Asked Questions

What types of appliances are offered by Crosley?

Crosley offers a range of appliances for the home, including refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers. They also produce small appliances such as toasters, coffee makers, and microwaves.

Where are Crosley appliances made?

Crosley appliances are made in a variety of locations, including the United States and overseas. The company works with a network of manufacturers to produce its products.

What is Crosley’s warranty policy?

Crosley offers a limited warranty on its products that covers defects in materials or workmanship.

How long has Crosley been in business?

Crosley has been in business for over 100 years, with a history dating back to the early 1900s.

What sets Crosley appliances apart from competitors?

Crosley is known for its unique blend of vintage and retro style with modern functionality. Its products are priced to be affordable while still being of high quality.

Where can I buy Crosley appliances?

Crosley appliances can be found at many major retailers, including Best Buy and Lowe’s, as well as online retailers such as Amazon.

Can Crosley appliances be repaired?

Crosley appliances can be repaired by authorized repair technicians. Customers should consult their warranty information for more information.

Are Crosley appliances energy-efficient?

Crosley appliances meet Energy Star standards and are designed with energy efficiency in mind.

What kind of designs does Crosley offer?

Crosley offers a wide range of designs, including vintage and retro-inspired models, as well as more modern designs.

What is Crosley’s commitment to sustainability?

Crosley is committed to reducing its environmental impact and has implemented several initiatives in this area, including using recycled materials in its products.

Does Crosley offer financing?

Yes, Crosley offers financing options for customers through its retail partners.

What is the turnaround time for Crosley repairs?

The turnaround time for Crosley repairs will vary depending on the issue and availability of repairs technicians. Customers should consult their warranty information for more information.

Can I purchase parts for my Crosley appliance?

Yes, customers can purchase parts for Crosley appliances through authorized dealers and online retailers.


In conclusion, Crosley is a household name in the United States and is best known for producing affordable, vintage, and retro-inspired appliances. Crosley Corporation is the parent company, and the brand stands for quality, style, and innovation. While there are some areas in which Crosley could improve, particularly in the area of customer service and warranty coverage, they are still a top choice for those looking for unique and functional appliances for their home.

If you’re in the market for a new appliance, consider Crosley appliances for their affordability, style, and quality. Don’t forget to consult our FAQs to learn more about the Crosley brand and their products.

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