Why Is My Fridge Not Cooling? (Quick Guide)

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What causes the fridge not to cool?

It is very common to see the refrigerators not cooling in the summer. But there are many reasons that make the refrigerators not cool in the summers.

Here are the top 5 causes:

1. Dirty air filters

Dirty air filters will not allow the air to circulate and hence it will not cool the refrigerator. So, you need to clean the air filter once in a while.

2. Cold food

The cold food makes the refrigerators not cool. The reason behind this is that the food items are still frozen, but the air is not cold. So, you need to defrost the items properly.

3. Too much humidity

If you have a humid climate then it will cause the air to become humid. This humid air will not cool the refrigerators. So, you need to keep the humidity in check.

4. Lack of insulation

Insulation is the most important factor that makes the refrigerator cool. So, you need to put the insulation on the backside of the refrigerator.

5. Dirty refrigerator coils

Coils are the most important thing that keeps the refrigerator cool. So, you need to clean the coils and make it work again.

So, these are the top 5 reasons that will make the refrigerator not cool in the summer. These are the basic factors that will make the refrigerator not cool. If you are facing any other problems in the refrigerator, then you need to call the technician.

5 Ways To Make Your Fridge Cool

The fridge is the best place to keep food items, but some people are not satisfied with the quality of the food. They feel that it isn’t cooling well. But it is not necessary that your fridge will not cool properly. There are a lot of factors that will affect the cooling process of your fridge and here are the top 5 reasons.

1. The temperature

You need to keep the temperature of your refrigerator low, otherwise, it will not cool well. Try to keep the temperature of your fridge around 35 to 40 degrees.

2. You need to keep the doors closed

As the doors are open, you will allow the cold air to escape. Try to keep the doors closed while the temperature is low.

3. The power consumption

Your fridge will consume much energy when it is working. It means that if you turn off the power, then it will automatically switch off.

4. Cleanliness

If your fridge is clean, then it will provide better results.

5. Insufficient temperature

If you have a low temperature then you will need to increase it. Try to use the fan and keep the doors closed.


If you have a problem with the cooling process of your fridge then try to follow the above tips. In this way, you will have a proper and effective refrigerator.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up that a faulty fridge component could affect your unit’s ability to keep food fresh! My colleague is considering the idea of purchasing used appliances for his new apartment. I think he should look into appliance repair experts if this suddenly happens to his new fridge.

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